Travel planning


Planning for a holiday, especially a trip overseas, can be highly stressful. How much do you book ahead? What should you pack and what should you buy over there? What if you get there an find that your hotel is in a seedy part of town?

Travelling with a family can be even more tricky. Some might like to flit from here to there, others might prefer to stay in one town and get to know the area. Some prefer to have everything organised before you go (like me), and others like to make it up as they go along (my husband!)

One piece of advice everyone gives is to “pack light”, although this can mean different things to different people. We generally like to take carry-on luggage only, although the 7kg weight limit can be very tricky, especially if you’re travelling to a cold place.

So this is what Peter’s 7kg looked like. Basically two pairs of pants, one pair of shoes, a couple of shirts, socks and underwear, iPad and chargers, and toiletries. Because he travels business class, they’re a bit forgiving about the carry-on weight; wish me luck getting my 7kg onto cattle class!

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