The Louvre

Today was The Louvre Day! Anyone who has been there knows what I mean. With 35,000 pieces of art, it’s pretty daunting, even if (as we did) you only plan to see a small section of the place. This is partly due to the “OMG look at that” factor, as on the way to the Da Vincis…


… you get bowled over by a Botticelli:


Add to that the fact that the building is a work of art in itself…


and the need to pass through multiple amazing collections…


… to get to another…


… and pretty soon you get Art Overload — Big Time!

Our solution is to break up the visit with rest breaks, including picking one piece to sit and do a sketch of, just to calm your brain down from all the over-stimulation.


Oh, and by the way, what do you think of our new Paris clothes?


3 thoughts on “The Louvre

  1. Hey Helen, your travels sound great. Don’t forget to go to the Musee Guimet which specialises in Khmer art – they took all the best pieces back to Paris!


  2. Hey, Mum and I are starting to get jealous!! What a great trip you are having. Glad to see some of the highlights. Back in good Ol’ Melbourne the ALP are still ahead in the polls. Is that a highlight??


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