Bienvenue à Provence!


After the stress of yesterday, I woke with a cracking headache (the half a bottle of vin blanc last night probably didn’t help…) so a slow start to the day was in order. I was a bit disappointed, though, to find that we had missed the market of Place Richelme, but we enjoyed cruising the streets and hunting out the makings for lunch.


The ham might have cost close to $40 per kilo, but it was worth every cent; yum! Plus great bread, cheese and salad, and we were in heaven! Now, the challenge remains to find great coffee; the best we’ve managed to get so far has been deemed “drinkable” by the coffee snob of the family.


Did I mention our apartment? Right in the middle of the old town, on the first floor of the building between the menswear shop and the crepes place (access via the brown door.)


On a busy street, but quiet inside, so we’re happy.



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