Paris treats

Celebrating a special Paris birthday for my special 14 (yikes!) year old daughter was fabulous. After birthday phone calls, gifts and breakfast, first up was the never-ending quest for good coffee, this time (successfully) at Dose, 73 Rue Mouffetard.


Then one of those discoveries you make on the way to somewhere else, in this case St. Étienne-du-Mont, which I had never heard of but is a stunning church, with a gorgeously decorated chapel to Saint Geneviève, the patron saint of Paris.




Next it was on to the Pantheon, interesting and impressing, but I found it a bit severe after the church.


So amazing to see all those famous names in one place: Hugo, Dumas (born in the same year, I’d never realised), Curie, Voltaire, Rousseau, Braille, and so many others, but almost all their tombs were identical, with no expression of their unique personalities or gifts.


So many stories, so many amazing lives…

I had to run some errands ( secret Mum’s business), so Peter and Nicola went shopping, and after we met back at the apartment, we all went out for a flash meal at the wonderful Cafe de l’Alma, at 5 avenue Rapp. Not cheap, but a fittingly magnificent end to a wonderful day.


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