Avignon, so wet


We picked up a hire car this morning and headed off to Avignon. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very kind to us, with pretty steady rain all the way there.


Still, we made it in one piece, and headed off to the Palais des Papes (papal palace) for a tour around the amazing complex dating back to the 14th century.


The buildings themselves are amazing, some with frescoes either restored or not, but the history was even more fascinating. Political intrigue, treaties made and broken, accumulation of treasures, and then there were the theological arguments…


Just imagining being there for an audience with the Pope, or to celebrate a special mass, made your hair stand on end.


We got absolutely drenched getting from the palace to a cafe to warm up, then again making our way back to the car. We were a bit disappointed not to be able to enjoy more of what is obviously a beautiful town, but who knows? We may get back there some day.