The Louvre

Today was The Louvre Day! Anyone who has been there knows what I mean. With 35,000 pieces of art, it’s pretty daunting, even if (as we did) you only plan to see a small section of the place. This is partly due to the “OMG look at that” factor, as on the way to the Da Vincis…


… you get bowled over by a Botticelli:


Add to that the fact that the building is a work of art in itself…


and the need to pass through multiple amazing collections…


… to get to another…


… and pretty soon you get Art Overload — Big Time!

Our solution is to break up the visit with rest breaks, including picking one piece to sit and do a sketch of, just to calm your brain down from all the over-stimulation.


Oh, and by the way, what do you think of our new Paris clothes?


Walking my legs off

Today we had a walking tour through the 6th Arr., hosted by the delightful Perrine, and booked through Paris Greeters. We learned a lot about the local area, architecture and idiosyncrasies of the area, for example the Hermes shop built in a disused swimming pool!


We also visited Le Bon Marche, a gorgeous department store with gorgeous prices to match. At the bookshop on the top floor, the ceiling was designed by M. Eiffel (of the Tower fame), and like everything else in the store, lovely.


Specially for TDPM… And no, we didn’t get you one!


Perrine left us to our own devices, and after some lunch Peter went off to a work meeting, and Nicola and I explored the Saint Sulpice church which, at the time it was built, was the second largest church in Paris, after Notre Dame.


Then we walked from our apartment to a new shopping centre down the road (I would have taken the train but didn’t know what station to get off at.) Strange that, with all the uniquely French shops around, we end up back at Zara and Uniqlo! But we managed to get a few things for Nicola and myself, so that was great. I limped almost all the way home, though.